We Charge Obama with Treason!

FROM:  James A. Seigfreid
               415 Spring Lake Trail
               Ellijay, Ga.  30536
               706-636-3202   Home
               706-273-0821   Cell

SUBJECT:  1)  Criminal Complaint of Treason against BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, representing himself as President of the United States of America;

TO WIT: Barack Hussein Obama (respondent) has repeatedly and consciously violated the Oath of Office that he swore to uphold, in presumed good-faith, upon his inauguration as President of the United States of America, and these actions are treasonable offenses;

As a natural-born citizen of the United States of America, I, James A. Seigfreid (claimant), being of sound mind and body, do charge that “respondent” Barack Hussein Obama has clearly and intentionally violated the Oath of Office he was administered on January 4, 2009 by the following actions, and that these and other continuing actions have resulted in great harm and clear violation of the Constitutional rights and privileges of all sovereign, independent natural-born citizens of the United States of America as outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights;  The Oath is as follows:

“I do solemnly swear ( or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States, and to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

  • 2)  Respondent has failed to meet the requirements established in the Constitution r.e. Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, regarding natural-born citizen status, and has produced documents verified by numerous professionals and experts in the field of document analysis as to be forgeries, a Federal crime under Section 18 of the United States Code of Justice;  Claimant asserts that because of the egregious criminality associated with such an act, that a treasonous action has been perpetrated that has actionably effected the quality of life previously afforded to citizens of the United States, and that by the very refusal to allow independent verification has encouraged the wholesale proliferation of document fraud and identity theft, resulting in the compromise of the integrity of the citizens of the United States, and being complicit in the act of a Federal Felony while sitting as Chief Executive Officer of the United States, thereby severely undermining our very Rule of Law.
  • 3)  Respondent has consciously and capriciously violated Article IV of the Constitution, by initiating Federal lawsuits against the sovereign state of Arizona, such sovereign state acting in it’s own Constitutionally-mandated defense against foreign invasion by illegal actors of a foreign nation. i.e. Mexico, and colluding with a foreign power, President Calderon, in such actions, while the State of Arizona was well within it’s Constitutional rights to defend itself, as the Federal Government refused to act in it’s duly authorized authority;
  • 4)  While it is the Constitutional duty of the Congress of the United States to produce an annual budget, and the Congress has failed in it’s duty,  the Respondent has been at the forefront of this un-Constitutional and illegal usurpation, and encouraging, through massive un-Constitutional co-opting of the other various fiscal duties of Congress alone at his whim, as if he were Crown Prince of America, the illegal appropriating of the people’s money without their consent to banks and financial entities of domestic and foreign influence, whose sole intention is the destruction of the American free-market system;
  • 5)  If it be true that the Respondent is so completely incapable of understanding basic free-market economics and basic financial realities, and his resulting actions and failures regarding the economic well-being of the United States as a whole relegate us to suffer irreparably, he should step down immediately;  however, it appears as if there is an intentional destruction being undertaken, and if examined in the light of day, the axiom would be true that “If he were merely stupid, the law of averages would make him right at least once in a while.”
  • 6)  Respondent has repeatedly violated his charge to uphold the Laws of the United States and has moved by subversion to alter or substitute said Laws in numerous areas of Finance, Defense, Foreign Affairs and others, through the misuse of Executive Orders, out-rightly ignoring valid, legal statutes and Constitutional mandates.
  • 7)  Respondent has placed known anti-American actors of the Marxist, Communist and Anarchist international movements in the highest places of power in the Federal Government and given them unchecked power, going well beyond the boundaries of the United States Constitution and United States Codes, placing the well-being of the American People, the Economy and our Military at grave risk and in harms’ way, to the extreme detriment of our National Security and Sovereignty, thereby committing numerous treasonable offenses and acts of sedition against the United States.
  • 8)  Respondent has acted in numerous egregious actions against the citizens of the United States,  the various independent states themselves, and against the Government of the United States, against our Constitution and Rule of Law, and has provided arms, munitions and funds to the violent radical extremist groups of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood, and to the Mexican Drug Cartels through the unlawful pursuit of the Operation Fast and Furious “sting” operation, with the complicit actions of Eric Holder and the United States Department of Justice, the FBI and the CIA.
  • 9)  Respondent has fraudulently obtained and criminally used a Social Security number that has been verified as not his own, and refuses to produce documentation proving otherwise.
  • Therefore I, James A Seigfreid, charge the Respondent, Barack Hussein Obama, with Treason against the United States of America, and affirm that I am of sound mind and body, and am acting in accordance with the Rule of Law afforded me by the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and the uniform United States Code of Justice.  I assert that the above-listed criminal actions are valid and can be proven in a court of law.
  • I further charge the Respondent with Sedition against the United States, the citizens thereof, and the several independent States.
  • Respondent has intentionally initiated and pursued actions designed to severely impair, impede and destroy the capacity of the United States government, the economy, and the liberties of the People of the United States to function as intended, by covertly attempting to establish another de-facto government, as briefly outlined in Charges # 6 and  # 7, and others yet to be filed, but have been identified.

I assert that the legal remedy of Impeachment cannot be applied to a non-citizen who  himself carries no legal, independent standing as a valid citizen of the United States, nor that of a naturalized citizen, and that the only legal remedies that may be applied are of a criminal prosecutorial nature.

Therefore, it is the duty of Law Enforcement officials within the United States to arrest and detain the Respondent to answer these, and other charges not yet listed, but existing in fact.

I am a natural-born citizen of the United States, and an independent sovereign entity of the United States of America acting solely in accordance with the established Rules of Law as defined in our Founding Documents and Codes of Justice, and am actively addressing the Courts and the Federal Government for a “redress of grievances.”

Signed this Fifth day of August, in the Year of Our Lord 2011:

James A. Seigfreid
415 Spring Lake Trail
Ellijay, Georgia  30536-3840

Patriots wishing to join Mr. Seigfreid can add their signatures by clicking here.


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As an American I advocate a republic form of government, self-reliance, and adherence to the basic philosophy of the founding fathers and the founding documents, I ONLY respect those who respect and "HONOR" their honor. No exceptions!
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