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Agenda 21 – Congressional Complicity

UN Agenda 21_Sustainable Development-D Niwa-2_2012 Sources:


Protected: Larry Rosenstock – A Wizard Behind the Curtain?

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Citizen’s Call to action!

Citizens…. Contact your legislators!  Demand implementation of this legislation! Do not accept NO for an answer!  Do not accept anything less than success! State Legislator: The time for serious action to save your state and our country has arrived. Only … Continue reading

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Agenda 21 – Proponents Commit Sedition and Treason!

Alabama bans Agenda 21 – Prohibits implementation by law! America must restore the death penalty for treason for crimes against the Constitution! Shall we start off with hanging Barbara Boxer?  Of course after a fair trial and them found guilty. … Continue reading


Now About That Unconstitutional ObamaCare… Touching on Obamacare a moment..the very manner in which our politicians abused the legislative process on Obama care is in question.   So tell me patriots, what is your position on filing criminal charges against members of Congress who violated their oath, … Continue reading

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The Oklihoma Legislature’s Attack on Oklahomans!

My Dear Senator, Thank you for your response.  Of course I honor and respect those to whom we owe our freedom.  Were that sense of responsibility only shared by all of the people’s representatives in this nation. As to your point of … Continue reading

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Agenda 21 – They can’t say they didn’t know!

Patriots! The following document has been distributed to the ~7000 members of the state legislators via e-mail, on February 13, 2012. The Agenda 21 document below was hand delivered to each member of Congress on February 14, 2012.  See separate … Continue reading


Is this reserved only for rocket scientists?

Americans…We are not alone! Stupid People Need Not…. And you thought you were in charge! When was the last time you were consulted on a decision to wage war? When were you consulted on which issues to spend money? When were … Continue reading

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Restore the Balance of Powers

Dear State Legislator The time for serious action to save your state and our country has arrived. Only state lawmakers have the constitutional power and authority to do what must be done. Our organization represents voters and veterans in all … Continue reading

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And you thought it was about you!

Dear Patriots… Hear how the rest of the mystery unravels when G.Edward Griffin confirms the judge’s theory; the details here. To place the whole situation into a more complete perspective please review the whole presentation of the “Quigley Formula” by … Continue reading