California State CAFR – Fraud exposed; Heads Roll

BREAKING NEWS: California State CAFR looked at; Fraud identified; Heads Roll
by Walter Burien – CAFR1

First Domino to fall:

It appears someone did a little digging into the CA State CAFR report.






LIBOR Scandal

Current Updates….

For the latest information go to


It is not said in the Los Angeles Times News Article but it would be my estimate that the funds identified were sitting in a designated advance liability account. Now it is time to turn the same rocks over for all cities; county; state; enterprise; school district; and state university accounts.

For the CA State Parks it was 54-million. Collectively for all local government operations (tens of thousands of operations) it is a few trillion.

The department head resigned and the assistant fired. What gondolas they forgot or intentionally ignored to cut off were the state attorney who dotted the “Is” and crossed the “Ts” setting up the hidden funding account for them in the first place (Emphasis added)

Every one of these stash accounts is signed off on by the city; county; of state attorney.. The true fraud begins there, and usually the same is checked off on by a local judge.  (Again; Emphasis added) Attorneys running the show, the employee(s) following their instructions but then the employee getting the axe as the scape goat…

Per these types of situations: If “true” accountability came to play: Black robs and their cooperative suited shill attorneys should be forced dressed into orange jump suits, and locked in an eight by ten cell for a very long time…

Have your local Sheriff investigate and arrest the true responsible party for the fraud involved in these matters. The attorneys and judges who structured and then signed off on it all.

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12 Responses to California State CAFR – Fraud exposed; Heads Roll

  1. RIP the late great state of California. When voters keep reelecting the same corrupt lying, thieving, inept politicians over and over they get just what they deserve.

  2. tina says:

    the people of Calif need to pay the State Capitol a visit. Throw all of these people out on their ear. They have been violating their oaths and the Constitution for so long, it is time for it to end. They have been out of control for way to long. The Constitution is “Thee Sacred Law of the Land” and it must be held up. I would suggest they start resigning.

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  10. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    Seems These Informed Educated Citizens Committees of Correction May Be a WAVE of THINGS to Come or our American Republic decays, to abject Satanic Communism

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