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Co-opted? Mike Gallagher Show

Just how subtle is the effort to influence the man on the street to accept the dominant behavior of the emerging police state.  Do not resist?  Do not challenge? This coming from a person  I believed was a Constitutionally supportive … Continue reading

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Orange County, CA. Elected Officals: Who among you will stand by your sacred oath? Updated

From: Arnie <> Subject: Who among you will stand by your sacred oath? Date: November 24, 2012 2:57:46 AM PST To: John Moorlach <> Cc: Neal Kelly <>, Representative Dana Rohrabacher <>, Allan Mansoor <>, Tom Harmon <> Bcc: Arnie … Continue reading

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Orange County, California Elected Officals: Now about your oath….

From: Arnie <> Subject: Fwd: Morsi Seizes Unprecedented Power, Riots In the Streets Date: November 23, 2012 5:06:29 PM PST To: Representative Dana Rohrabacher <>, Allan Mansoor <>, John Moorlach <>, Neal Kelly <>, Tom Harmon <> Cc: Sandra Hutchens … Continue reading


Murder – Benghazi – The people must investigate! People’s Board of Government Review Pkg It is conclusive!  Everyone knows and acknowledges that the only one solely and totally responsible for the four deaths of the courageous Americans in Benghazi is the one and the same person. Let’s … Continue reading


M U R D E R! M U R D E R! M U R D E R!

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Oath – Tom Harmon

Oath – Tom Harmon Oath of office Tom Harmon Sen 35 dist      

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Oath – Allan Mansoor

Oath – Allan Mansoor Oath of office Allan R. Mansoor Rep 68th Dist          

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Danville – California

Click to download entire PDF. Danville-Cal-Plan

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De Facto!

The Birth, life and deception of  De Facto! Sources: Birth of De Facto – Acts of the 41st Congress acts-of-the-41st-congress-creation-of-corporate-washington-dc-searchable “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CONSTITUTION” What Happened to the Constitution presentation documents Lieber Code Who Owns America – Part … Continue reading


Lieber Code

Lieber code General Orders No. 100 : The Lieber Code The Law of Armed Conflict US Air Force Training Film 1978 “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CONSTITUTION”

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