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Judicial Abuse of Power – Florida Judge Reversed

Judicial Abuse of Power – Florida Judge Reversed   STATE v. CLEMMONS 150 So.2d 231 (1963) STATE of Florida et al., Petitioners,   v.   Alex CLEMMONS et al., Respondents. No. 31819. Supreme Court of Florida.   February 20, … Continue reading

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Subject: “J.A.I.L. FOR JUDGES IS THE ANSWER” Date: March 31, 2013 5:32:53 AM PDT To:, “JAIL4JUDGES@YAHOOGROUPS.COM” <> Cc: Bobby Harmon +++* <> March 27, 2013 RE: “J.A.I.L. FOR JUDGES IS THE ANSWER” AN EXHIBIT IN CV05-00030 – JUSTICE VS. … Continue reading


End the FED…with Bitcoin How Bitcoin could destroy the state (and perhaps make me a bit of money) 77 Comments Hugo Rifkind 30 March 2013   Last time I was here (two weeks ago; how’ve you been?) I briefly mentioned Bitcoin, an … Continue reading


Progressive Tyranny…The Brundt of the Joke…’The People!’ Are we still laughing?

Opinion Piece We the People of the lawful Union States are being Criminally Abused by our employees; our elected officials. Thanks to Don Q! Our elected officials, who are  responsible to create and provide services, for the public good, … Continue reading

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Ethical and moral obligations under fiduciary responsibilities

Proposed reform Proposed by:  Arnie Ethical and moral obligations under fiduciary  responsibilities:  The case for serious reform of ethical standards and practices. To reiterate my earlier claim that our trustees,  (our elected officials), who create and provided the services, are … Continue reading

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Abuse of Power – The Mark of the Beast? Janet Napolitano?

Abuse of Power Who is behind the spate of terrorist style and other types of abusive incidents attributed to local and state police agencies?  Many believe Janet Napolitano and the DHS.  Some basic random selections.  Is this your government? reading

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No to Audit the FED! Outwit it instead!

About the Author – Hartford VanDyke Date: Thu Nov 14, 2002 1:12 pm Subject: HOW TO CREATE CURRENCIES FOR LOCAL COMMUNITIES Hartford VanDyke ( Hartford VanDyke and John Nolan are on trial at this time in the US District Court … Continue reading

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“Where’s Admiral Gaouette?” – Benghazi Still Burns!

Darrell Issa SOS at CPAC: “Where’s Admiral Gaouette?” and the “Benghazi CBA” New organization of former US Special Ops officers issues distress calls about urgent high-profile questions. By Mark Langfan, at CPAC First Publish: 3/16/2013, 9:31 PM US aircraft carrier … Continue reading

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Straight from the shoulder… A message to Sheriff Joe!

Sheriff, Permit me to be honest and dispense with any form of political correctness. While I am the first to understand the danger that threatens our nation,   I have another bigger problem  with which to deal.  That problem, Sheriff Joe, … Continue reading


Ethics violation? How about treason!

The height of lunacy… How is it even remotely possible to conceive that a group of intellectually and ethically bankrupt individuals could, in any way shape or form, oversee and supervise their own behavior? Surely this hypocrisy demonstrates that the … Continue reading

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